About Me

My partner Lindsay and I live at 220 Aspen St NW with our very busy two-year old son, August. We moved into our house three years ago, though we've been DC residents for the past eleven years. I work as an energy policy expert for a non-profit focused on climate change issues, and have a graduate degree in public administration from Syracuse University. We love our neighborhood, and I'd be delighted to do my best to represent it. If elected, you will find me to be a good listener and a respectful, reliable, and dedicated voice for our corner of 4B.

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I'm honored to receive the Greater Greater Washington endorsement for ANC4B07. See my responses to their hyper-local ANC candidate questionnaire: Geoff B GGW Responses

My Philosophy as an ANC Candidate

I believe the ANC is a special institution that is designed to provide all DC residents with an equal and important voice on matters that affect their neighborhoods. I therefore do not intend to run on any particular platform or push any personal agenda.

Instead, if elected, I pledge simply to be a dedicated consensus builder and tireless advocate for all of 4B07. It's YOUR neighborhood and YOUR ANC. I would work my hardest to keep you informed of the business that comes before our ANC, gather public input, and represent the collective views of our community.

Issues I'm Personally Passionate About

  • Good government: Living on a busier road, it seems I am always picking up trash on both sides of my street. Things like quickly cleaning up trash and graffiti, filling potholes, maintaining quality street lighting, immediately dealing with rats, keeping our Lamond and Takoma Rec Centers well maintained and staffed are much more than mundane concerns -- they improve the quality of life and beauty of our community and give a heightened sense of place to all residents and passers-through. Part of protecting the affordability of our community means getting the biggest bang for our tax dollars. Your ANC Commissioner should be your first and best advocate for getting responsive services from our city government. 
  • Standing up for our seniors: The oldest residents in our community can be among the most vulnerable. Many live on fixed incomes, and they often have more specific needs and concerns from our local government. Maintaining a diverse, inclusive, and friendly neighborhood means working to ensure a city that is accessible and safe for all.
  • Smart development: DC is continuing to grow, and our corner of the District is no exception. I believe we must work together and leverage future development to enhance the beauty, safety, and livability of our community. We also need to work to ensure housing in our community remains affordable.
  • Safe, effective transportation: Our roads should be optimized for our lives and neighborhoods, not prioritized to move through-traffic as fast as possible. I also care deeply about the quality of our public transportation options. I am a daily bus and metro rider, and every commuter who can choose to walk, bike, or take mass transit also helps alleviate traffic for those who drive. About one-third of DC is covered in roads and other impervious surfaces. We should be cognizant that these hundreds and hundreds of lane miles of roadways are our public land, and as such we should not be shy to consider how they can best be configured to serve our collective needs. Quality sidewalks, bike-paths, and crosswalks also protect our drivers by improving the visibility and predictability of car-pedestrian interactions.
  • Sustainability: I've dedicated my professional career to advancing clean energy issues -- to fight climate change, pursue environmental justice, and promote sound long-term investment of public dollars.
  • Schools: My partner Lindsay is a kind and dedicated social worker who has spent her career in public education. She currently serves as the middle school counselor in Ward 4/Manor Park at Capital City Public Charter School. We are both strong believers of the immense role that public education has in neighborhoods and lives, and the rebuild of Coolidge High School is a exciting project for our neighborhood.
  • My better-half: I am blessed to have my partner. She fills my life and makes me a better person. Every day, she imprints in me that everyone -- LGBTQIA -- deserves the opportunity to pursue their own happiness and love who they choose.